SALE:   long quilted jackets for small girls.  As with our adult jackets, these are three-quarter length jackets made from shot cotton with  cotton printed lining which co-ordinates with the plain outside colour.  They have side pockets and six cloth covered buttons down the front and a small stand up collar.  Again, as with our adult jackets, the cuffs of the sleeves can be turned back to show the lining.

These jackets are washable, on a cool wash.

Please email or telephone for further information and updates on colours and sizes

Colours:  Green, Raspberry Pink, Blue

Sizes: 2yr, 4yr, 6yr

SALE PRICE £15 (original price £30)

SALE: Children's Long Quilted Green jacket

SALE: Girl’s Long Green Jacket


Sale: Children's jacket (2)

SALE: Children’s Long Raspberry Pink jacket

LADIES SHORT QUILTED JACKETS:  we have a few on sale:  please ring or email for details and available sizes.

Colours: Red

Sizes:  S M L XL (UK sizes: 10 12 14 16)

SALE PRICE:  £35 (original price £80)

HGWebsite red sleeve detail

Red – Cuff detail

SELECTION OF LADIES LONG QUILTED JACKETS: please ring or email for details of available colours and sizes

Colours:  Chestnut, Pink, Apricot, Mauve

Sizes:  Now only in S M  (UK sizes: 10 12 )

SALE PRICE:  £45 (original price £90)

LongJcktBrown copy

Chestnut – Cuff detail

HG SalePink Long Jacket - detail

Pink – Cuff detail

HG Sale Long apricot jacket-detail

Apricot – Cuff detail

HGSale Mauve Long jacket - detail 2015

Mauve – Cuff detail


Colour:  Red

Sizes:  S M – ONLY

SALE PRICE:  £40 (original price £105)



Red Khadi Coat – Sleeve detail