Long Quilted Jackets

Although based on the traditional Indian jacket shape, our’s are definitely not the mass produced ones made in factories, but are individually designed by us and each one made by tailors working in good conditions.  By working and manufacturing this way, each jacket is a one-off tailor made item and no two are exactly identical. Our quilted three-quarter length jackets are made in a range of subtle colours in shot cotton, which gives them an iridescent quality and makes them suitable for any occasion.  Each jacket has a carefully chosen cotton printed lining which complements the outer colour of the jacket.  they have side pockets, and four cloth covered buttons down the front and a small Nehru collar.  For extra effect the cuffs of the sleeves can be turned back to reveal the lining.

Sizes:  S M L XL (UK sizes 10 12 14 16)

Price:  £90 – NOW £45

redstripe-long-adjustment-2016Red Stripe-detail

HG long Black-white striped jacket (2) 2016 copyBlack & Pale Grey Stripes-detail

ShortJcktPurple copyPurple-detail

Turquoise - sleeve detailTurquoise-detail

Long Jacket Grey Stripe - detail 2015Grey & White Stripes-detail

Spring Green – detail

Dark Silver-Grey - sleeve detailBronze-detail

LongJcktLightBlue copyPale Blue-detail

Slate Blue-detail

LongJcktPinkStripe copyPink Stripes-detail

Pale Blue & White Stripes-detail